Monday, September 26, 2011

Notes Between Sisters From Around the Web

We haven't posted in a while.  Sorry, geez.  We've been busy, OKAY?  Here's some notes between sisters, and some just written by a sister, and maybe one or two that are just hilarious.

This is what one sorority sister posted outside her door.  She's really not kidding, okay?

 Sister One goes out of town.  Sister Two saves little fish's life.  Sister One now makes Sister Two's bed for life.

A mother's plea.

I love everyone.  Except those SISTERS.  I can only muster up a "like."  And even that is wavering.

One sister helps out her other sister by threatening her new beau.  She means it, too.

An acrostic poem assigned in school about a family member.  She could have done "Mom" but Martha's sister was a deep well of material.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

The joker smile on Hello Kitty really makes the intent known.  Or DOES IT?

If you have a sister, write her a note today!

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