Thursday, October 20, 2011

6 Proofs That Elephants Are Jerks

My hypothesis:  Elephants are jerks. 

Proof #1:  This elephant drives like my ex-boyfriend.  He would rather run the car off the road than allow it to pass safely and reasonably.

Proof #2:  Just like humans, some elephants are just jerks.  Like Stampy and Homer Simpson.

Proof #3:  Lamkun, The Deliberately Sneezing Pachyderm.  A delightful story about a ride on a jerk of an elephant.

Proof #4:  Poor iguana. Just go look at this picture.

Proof #5:  Color me jerk. Even interior decorators are catching on to this phenomena.

Proof #6:  GTFO. The first two rows will get wet.

Hypothesis:  PROVEN.  (I dare you to rebut in the comments.)

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