Tuesday, November 8, 2011

FACKET - Defined

FACKET - (noun) a smashing of the words Fact + Packet.

This is the second morning Christina has called me at work. I don't know what time she has to work but by 8:30am I'm knee-deep in worky things. But as she is my sister and I love HATE her, of course I pick up the phone.

Jennifer: "You are calling at an unorthodox time of day. Is there an emergency?"

Christina: "This isn't an emergency. Unless you count me being completely nuts as an emergency?"

Jennifer: "Let me check my fact sheet." ::browsing an imaginary piece of paper:: "Nope, according to my fact sheet, this is not an emergency. Is this gonna be a new thing for you? Calling me each morning to distract me with our sisterly shenanigans?"

Christina: "Yes. ::LOL:: This is gonna be a new thing. I've been up since 5am drinking coffee."

A conversation ensued regarding a mission she has for me that requires me to browse the internet during my work time.


Jennifer: "What?! me? Not do work, AT WORK? How dare you!!    .....ok, what do you want?"

Throughout the call I kept referring to my "Fact Sheet". This of course, is now an imaginary sheet of paper that I will use to make my sister look stupid by validating my side of every arguement. The fact sheet will ALWAYS side with me. :)  (I have never before had such a tool to help me win against my big sister...THA POWER!! Mwahahaha!!)

Christina: "That fact sheet sounds like its getting pretty thick"

Jennifer: "Yes, its more of a packet really... a Fact Packet ... A FACKET!!"
Update by Christina:  Actually, *I* made up this word.  Leave it to a little sister to steal all the credit.  Y U NO GIVE ME CREDIT????  Y U NO LIKE ME????

A hence, a new word created by the sisters of Pink Pink U Stink . Please use it today and win your argument. Just be careful of how your pronounce it! You could sound like a discriminating asshole and wind up in Human Resources with a box for your personal possessions or your head swirlied in a toilet at a Train Station or beaten with plungers outside of Bed Bath & Beyond.



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